July 20, 2023, DTC Agenda and June 2023 Meeting Minutes

AGENDA: Groton Democratic Town Committee Endorsement Meeting

Thurs. July 20, 2023. 6 pm. Groton Senior Center/Thrive 55.

Purpose of meeting: To endorse a Democratic slate for Groton Town Council, Board of Education (BOE) and Representative Town Meeting (RTM) for the November 7th 2023  Groton Municipal Election.

Only elected members of the Democratic Town Committee may vote and/or speak. Registered Democrats in Groton may attend and listen, provided there are no disruptions to the business.

Members are asked to sit at the table labelled for their current voting district, and to sign in on the list on that table, please, to facilitate the voting on RTM district slates.

  1. Call to order.  Chair: Natalie Billing.
  2. Report of Nominating Committee. Dan Gaiewski, Chair. Members: Ann Marie Foster, Carole McCarthy, Beverly Washington, Cutter Oliver, Jenna Lowenstein, Betsy Moukawsher.

The Committee will present a full slate for all offices. Printed copies of the slate will be available.

  1. Motion to approve slate recommended by the Nominating Committee for Town Council.
  2. Nominations from the floor.
  3. The chair closes Nominations when there are no more.
  4. Members wishing to may speak in favor of the slate as recommended, or in favor of nomination/s from the floor.
  5. Vote on the slate as presented.
  6. If the slate fails, vote on nominations from the floor and alternate slate.


  1. Repeat 3-8 for the Board of Education slate.


  1. Repeat 3-8 for each RTM district slate. Vote on slate for each RTM district Per State Law and GDTC bylaws,  GDTC members may only vote for the RTM slate for the voting district in which they are currently registered/reside.


  1. Motion to adjourn.


All candidates endorsed must sign the certification list.  Candidates: please do not leave without signing.

All candidates must submit an SEEC form 1/1b.  These were mailed to all potential candidates as a courtesy to try to ensure candidates are not fined.   If you did not return it to Natalie, you are responsible for delivering it to the Town Clerk within 10 days. Failure to do so may result in a $100 fine.

Time allowing, there will be an opportunity to take some candidate photos.


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