June 28, 2023, DTC Agenda and May 2023 Meeting Minutes

AGENDA: Groton Democratic Town Committee

Wed. June 28, 2023, 7-8 pm, Thrive 55/Senior Center

  1. Call to Order: 7 PM. Welcoming Remarks/Intros. Natalie Billing, Chair.
  2. Approve Minutes Previous Meeting—May 2023 (available to review on GDTC website: grotondems.org ) Juliette Parker, Secretary
  3. Treasurer’s Report: John Wirzbicki. We’ve surpassed $10,000. Excellent.  Please keep donating/ dues/online/on the website grotondems.org.  Still need to raise thousands more for an effective fall campaign. HQ rent, utilities, phone. Walkcards/mailers/ GOTV mailers/Postage. Lawn signs. And need to maintain a reserve.
  4. Chair’s Report. THANK YOU to all the candidates who have returned their forms and given generously. Every dollar helps.  Forms were mailed to all potential candidates.  Turn them in tonight if you have them.

NOTE!  ERROR in the letter. The date of the meeting is THURS July 20 (not 22). 6 PM. Secretary Juliette Parker has asked to step down.  Doris Pulaski has offered to be Secretary.  Juliette: thank you for your distinguished service!!!

  1. Nominating Committee.  Has been meeting frequently to complete the slate. Anticipate a full slate for Council and BOE.  Will have a full slate for RTM but with some “placeholders”….so keep asking people you know/meet/talk to.
  2. Fundraising Committee Report. Mary von Dorster. Save the date.  Sept. 10.  4-6 pm.  PICNIC. Washington Park.  Suggested donation: $20. Come for fun and to support electing the Democratic Team.
  3. July 4th Matthew Shulman has offered his truck.  It needs to be decorated on Monday, July 3.  A small group will ride/walk for us. If you want to join…please let us know!!!  The more the merrier.
  4. State Representatives Chris Conley (40th) and Aundre Bumgardner (41st) Come to hear their end-of-session report.
  5. Mayor’s Update. Juan Melendez. Items under discussion that members may individually want to speak to Councilors about.
  6. BOE Update. Bev Washington, Matthew Shulman. Items being considered members may individually want to speak to Bd. Members about.
  7. Guest Speaker: Betsy Ritter. On the importance of local elections.
  8. Announcements/Future Agenda Items. Next GDTC meeting:

THURS July 20th 6 PM. Endorsement of candidates! Please Mark Your Calendars!!!  Note: a Thursday, not WED. Note: 6 pm start time.

  1. Adjournment: by 8 PM, please. Social hour to follow.

GDTC June 2023 Meeting Agenda

GDTC Agenda June 2023


GDTC May 2023 Meeting Minutes

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May 2023 DTC Meeting Minutes

May 2023 DTC Meeting Minutes