Aug 23, 2023, DTC Agenda and July 2023 Meeting Minutes

AGENDA: GDTC August 23, 2023 Meeting

Wed. August 23, 2023. 6 pm. Groton Senior Center/Thrive 55.

  1. Call to Order.
  2. Welcoming remarks and introductions.
  3. Approval of Previous Minutes for July Endorsement Meeting
  4. Treasurer’s Report.
  5. Chair’s Report/Campaign Update

* We have not found a HQ yet. Landlords not returning calls. Not interested in short-term leases.  If anyone has any please ask for us. If we don’t find an HQ, we will need to improvise on how to do some things.

Council and BOE lawn signs are ordered. Should be ready to go right after Labor Day. Candidates: start lining up where to put them.  Help each other. Put 2-3 at most places. NOT ALLOWED ON TOWN OR STATE PROPERTY.  MUST HAVE HOMEOWNER’S PERMISSION. ALL GDTC members…please take 2-3 signs.

Council/BOE walk cards sent to the printer. Should also be ready to go right after Labor Day.

RTM candidates can make their own.  GET THEM APPROVED before printing them. Provide receipt for Treasurer.

RTM DISTRICTS 4 and 7—all DEM candidates automatically win.  (still, go door-knocking with Council, and BOE candidates in your districts to support them please).   District 5: 2 Dem candidates could lose.  Other districts: only one candidate is at risk in each district.   DEMS WILL TAKE the majority on RTM.

BOE: we are guaranteed two spots on Board (minority representation rule).  Council: There is no minority representation rule.  We are not guaranteed any seats.

Opponents: Republican are running, 6? for Council.  2 for BOE (are guaranteed one seat). Less than the minimum for RTM.

“Groton Independents” are running 6? for Council, 1 for BOE, and a few for RTM as petitioning candidates. They all qualified. Turned in petitions with enough signatures. This is a first. A new development.

And, remember, the City Council election is the same day, Nov. 7.  Another first.  Though the Democrats are uncontested in the City.

For candidates who want to door knock, lists will be available. On phones. Using VAN. Dan, Cutter, and others can train new folks on how to use it. New candidates, go with someon6?e experienced at first.


IF no HQ, phone calling will be done from home.   Absentee Voter Project can be done from home. Need volunteers.

FUNDRAISING.  SIGNS ARE EXPENSIVE!!!  $250 a candidate with wires.  WALKCARDS are costly. WE NEED TO RAISE MORE MONEY TO DO MAILINGS. Please donate what you can.  Whether $25, $50…each month if you can…or $100-$200-$300.  Max allowed is $2000 YR. per person.  Please ask friends and family.  Even for $25.

Fundraiser/Picnic. Sun. Sept 10.  Sutton Park.  4-6.  Suggested donation: $20

Burgers, dogs, and sausage are available. Drinks. Salads, Desserts. Games. Music. Fun.   Please come.  Ask a friend.

  1. State Representatives Report.  Chris Conley and Aundre Bumgardner.
  2. Town Council Update. Mayor Juan Melendez.
  3. BOE Update. Beverly Washington/Matthew Shulman.
  4. Announcements. Suggestions.
  5. Adjournment


GDTC August 2023 Meeting Agenda

Aug 23 2023 GDTC Agenda


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July GDTC 2023 Meeting Minutes