2023 Town of Groton, Town Council Candidates

Good News for Groton

Managed Town Finances Responsibly

• Two Vacant Schools Sold

• Balanced Development with Open Space

• Enhancements to Town Parks

• Added Community Outreach Specialists to Police

  Enhanced Groton with Federal Funds

• Saved Taxpayers Over $2M on GLP Bridge Restoration

• Tax Relief for Seniors in Need


Still to Come

• Investments in Infrastructure

• Retain & Attract Qualified Town Staff

• Support  Local Businesses

• Climate Action Plan to Protect Our Environment

• Community & Recreation Improvements


Portia Borderlon

Portia Bordelon

• Current Town Councilor

• RTM 2017-19, NCSS Board Member

• Medical & Clerical Assistant

• Transparency, Community Representation





Rachael FrancoRachael Franco

• Current Town Councilor

• AS, Accounting, aPHR Human Resources

• Accountant, Medical Field

• Infrastructure, Public Safety, Econ Dev





Dan GaiewskiDan Gaiewski

• Current Town Councilor

• BA Government, Fitch Graduate

• Former Intern, Rep. Joe Courtney

• Housing, Climate Change, Taxes





Bruce JonesBruce Jones

• Current Town Councilor

• BA Art, Graphic Designer

• Small Business Owner

• Open Space, Support Seniors





David McBrideDavid McBride

• Current Town Councilor

• Finance Director, BA/MBA/CMA

• Small Business Owner, Nonprofit Founder

• College Adjunct Faculty





Roscoe MerrittRoscoe Merritt

• Long Time RTM Member

• Fitch Graduate

• Former Town & State Employee

• Poq. Bridge Fire District Volunteer





Juliette ParkerJuliette Parker

• Current Town Councilor

• Bachelor’s in Legal Studies

• Certified Connecticut Municipal Official

• TVCCA Board Member




Adam PuccinoAdam Puccino

• RTM Member

• 20+ Year Veteran

• Small Business Owner

• Home Improvement Specialist





Jill RuskJill Rusk

• RTM Moderator, Former City Councilor

• BA Political Science & History

• Community Resource Manager

• Econ Dev, Public Safety, Comm Services




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