2023 Town of Groton, Board of Education Candidates

Good News for Students & Groton

• Restarted Mentoring Program

• Created New Community Communications Plan

• Expanded Before and After School Childcare

• $1 M Additional Grant Dollars

• Budget Protected Programs and Taxpayers


We’re Committed to

• Embracing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

• Crafting Budgets that Balance Student Needs with Fiscal Control

• Exploring Shared Services with Town For Cost Savings

• Expanding Student Career Pathways

• Continued Communication Enhancements


Adrian Johnson


Adrian Johnson

• BS Engineering, Fitch Grad

• Children in Groton Schools

• Small Business Owner, Marine Surveyor

• Early Education, Excellence in Literacy



Robb Meade

Robb Meade

• BS Sociology

• Pursuing Ed M Ed Leadership

• Program Coordinator, Transition Assistance

• Assessment, Accountability





Matt Shulman

Matthew Shulman

• Current BOE, MS Communication

• Boost School Communications

• Equal Opportunities for All

• More Paths for Non-College Bound





Ian Thomas

Ian Thomas

• State School Teacher, Special Ed Certified

• Trade Service, Mariner & Repair Tech

• Improve Staff & Student Supports

• Work Readiness, Achievement Gaps





Jay Weitlauf

Jay Weitlauf

• Current BOE Member/Finance Chair

• Respect, Appreciate & Value All

• Achievement & Accountability

• Excellent, Equitable, Efficient Schools




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