Sept 27, 2023, DTC Agenda and August 2023 Minutes

AGENDA: GDTC Sept 27, 2023 Meeting and August 2023 Minutes

Wed. Sept. 27, 2023, 7-8 pm, Thrive 55/Senior Center

  1. Call to Order: 7 PM. Welcoming Remarks and Introductions. Natalie Billing, Chair; Dan Gaiewski, Vice-Chair
  2. Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting/ Aug. 23, 2023

Doris Pulaski, Acting Secretary

  1. Treasurer’s Report: John Wirzbicki. Thank you to all who have donated/dues since the last meeting. Donations are still needed to fund the election-related activities we hope to pursue. If non GDTC members are in attendance, discussion of finances will be deferred.
  2. Chair’s Report. Dan resigned as Nom Comm Chair. I asked Beverly Washington to Chair. She agreed, with Liz Duarte as Vice Chair.  The main focus of Nom Comm for the next year: DEMS who apply for Boards and Commissions (ABC’s).

Since the last meeting, other resignations from the slate.  Many of you know by now, that Katrina Fitzgerald resigned as a candidate for BOE. Since there were no other candidates in line that Nom Comm had identified, I consulted with others and reached out to Jay Weitlauf, who had previously called to let me know he changed his party affiliation from R to D. He mentioned that if in the future there was an opportunity, he might be interested in running again for BOE, this time as a DEM. I asked if he’d consider doing so now, and he said yes. I named him to fill the vacancy, again, in consultation with others.  Paul Norris withdrew as a candidate for RTM since the Town Attorney clarified he could not serve on both the City Council and RTM.  In consultation with others, I reached out to Jean Claude Ambroise to see if he’d consider running. He said yes. After ensuring others concurred, I named him to fill the vacancy.

I attended the State Parties JBB Dinner on Friday night. A wonderful event in Stamford with outstanding and inspirational speakers.

  1. Nominating Committee Numerous Dems have applied for A/B/C’s.

Patrice Granatosky for Complete Streets.  Michael Kane for Complete Streets. Karen Hatcher for GHA (Housing Authority). Paul Fox for Resiliency.

Doris Pulaski has been acting as Secretary and is willing to serve. Entertain a motion to elect her Secretary.

  1. Fundraising Committee: Had a successful picnic on Sept. 10th despite torrential rain at 3 p.m. Thank you to ALL who came and enjoyed it.
  2. State Representatives Chris Conley (40th)and Aundre Bumgardner (41st)
  3. Mayor’s Update. Juan Melendez. Items under discussion that members may individually want to speak to Counselors about
  4. BOE Update. Bev Washington, Matthew Shulman. Items under consideration that members may individually want to speak to Bd. Members about
  5. Should the committee wish to discuss campaign related strategy or issues, including reviewing our current finances and anticipated expenditures, the GDTC may vote to enter Executive Session which only GDTC members may attend. (per State Party rules).
  6. Announcements/Future Agenda Items. Next meeting Wed. Oct. 25th THE LAST MEETING until January Caucus to elect new DTC. Date: TBD by state law.  WE DON’T meet in Nov/Dec.

CHILI FEST. Groton Senior Center.  Oct. 14th.  4-6 pm.  PLEASE COME AND VOTE FOR TIM BEEBE’s Chili. Need two more volunteers to serve chili.

Mystic Chamber Chili Fest is the same day.  They’re looking for volunteers from noon on.  Candidates may vol. Wear a Chili Fest tee, but allowed to wear a small button saying they’re a candidate.

  1. Adjournment: by 8 PM, please. Social hour to follow.

GDTC September 2023 Meeting Agenda


GDTC August 2023 Meeting Minutes

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