Wed. April 26, 2023, DTC Meeting Agenda and March 2023 Minutes

Groton Town Democrats April 2023 Meeting Agenda 

Wednesday, April 26, 2023, 7-8 pm, Thrive 55/Senior Center

  1. Call to Order: 7 PM. Welcoming Remarks/Intros. Natalie Billing, Chair.
  2. Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting Mar. 22, 2023 (available to review on GDTC website: )  Juliette Parker, Secretary
  3. Treasurer’s Report: John Wirzbicki.  Need at least $10,000-$12,000 for the fall campaign. Please keep donating dues/online/on the website Donate early, please! Ask friends, family, to donate.
  4. Chair’s Report. Working with Nominating Committee to recruit a full slate. Spoke with a potential candidate for BOE. Communicated with Nicki Neifeld (Lamont campaign)—who’s moving to Groton. Wants to join GDTC. Run for RTM D4 and/or BOE. Working with Fundraising Committee on Appreciation Dinner.
  5. Nominating Committee. Possible action to: seat Janice Kimball as a new DTC member, D1, and Nicki Neifeld, D4, & to recommend Dem applicant for Parks and Rec Committee
  6. Fundraising Committee Report. Mary vonDorster. Sat. May 13th  Recognition Dinner 5-7 pm. Par Four.  To honor Joe delaCruz and Rita Schmidt.  TXTS $25. Friends, and supporters of Joe and Rita: Please place an ad/message of appreciation in the Ad book/memento book for them. Can do it on the website. Our MAJOR fundraiser.  We need to raise thousands of dollars. Please spread the word.
  7. State Representatives Chris Conley (40th) and Aundre Bumgardner (41st)
  8. Mayor’s Update. Juan Melendez. Items under discussion that members may individually want to speak to Councilors about.
  9. BOE Update. Bev Washington, Matthew Shulman. Items members may individually want to speak to Bd. Members about.
  10. Guest Speaker possible.
  11. Announcements/Future Agenda Items. Next meetings: May 24th, June 28th, THURS July 20th: endorsement of candidates! Please Mark Your Calendars!!!   Note: a Thursday, not WED.
  12. Juliette Parker: invites you to NAACP Fund Dinner, June 27, 6 pm. Ocean Beach Park. Txts: $75. Hear Congressman Bennie Thompson.
  13. Adjournment: by 8 PM please. Social hour to follow.

Click below to download a PDF version of the April 2023 Agenda and the March 2023 Minutes

AGENDA GDTC April 2023

March 2023 GDTC Meeting Minutes