Agenda for February 22, 2023 GDTC Meeting

AGENDAGroton Democratic Town Committee, February 22, 2023

Wed. FEB 22, 2023, 7-8 pm, Thrive 55/Senior Center

  1. Call to Order: 7 PM. Welcoming Remarks and Introductions. Natalie Billing, Chair. Dan Gaiewski (via tele) Vice-Chair
  2. Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting/ Jan. 25th, 2023.  Juliette Parker, Secretary
  3. Treasurer’s Report: John Wirzbicki. Thank you to all who have donated/dues since the last meeting. Early donations are most helpful for the fall campaign. Need $10,000-$20,000. Plus reserve for HQ for Pres. Election 24.
  4. Chair’s Report. With Dan, Attended a State Party phone call with DTC Chairs from across the State. Met Nancy DiNardo, State Party Chair. Exec. Director Sarah Locke. Learned of Party Caucus Chairs-may invite to speak. Working with Nominating Committee to set up the initial meeting, to discuss adding additional members. Main focus: now til June: recruit candidates.  ALL members are on NOM COMM in that sense. ALL recruit. 45 candidates plus 20 Dems for Boards and Commissions.
  5. Nominating Committee Cutter Oliver and Dan Gaiewski. Review ABC vacancies. Recommend additional GDTC members. Chelsea Meade (D4). Lisa Thomasco (D6).  Kathy Busse (D6). Matthew Brennan (D1). RTM D3 vacancy still.  RTM D7 vacancy anticipated.
  6. 6. Fundraising Committee Report. Mary von Dorster. Committee has met twice to plan a Sat. May 13th Recognition Dinner 5-7 pm. At Betsy Moukawshers home. To honor Joe delaCruz and Rita Schmidt. Input welcome. Ads for ad book needed. SAVE THE DATE!  TXTS: $25. Our MAJOR fundraiser.
  7. State Representatives Chris Conley (40th)and Aundre Bumgardner (41st)
  8. Mayor’s Update. Juan Melendez. Items under discussion that members may individually want to speak to Counselors about
  9. BOE Update. Bev Washington, Matthew Shulman. Items under consideration that members may individually want to speak to Bd. Members about
  10. Robert Frink, Chair, Groton Housing Authority, and GDTC member. A short talk about Low/Moderate income Senior and Disabled Hsg. Grasso Gardens and Pequot Village.
  11. Announcements/Future Agenda Items. Next meeting March 22.
  13. Adjournment: by 8 PM, please. Social hour to follow.

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