Meet your elected Democratic Town officials

Town Council

Once again the voters elected Democrats for all nine Town Council seats.

Portia Bordelon
Aundré Bumgardner
Rachael Franco
Patrice Granatosky
Conrad Heede
Juan Melendez
Lian Obrey
Juliette Parker
Joe Zeppieri

Minority representation rules require some members of the other party to be on the body for Board of Ed and  RTM. Our candidates below were elected for the upcoming term.

Board of Education

Jane Giulini
Elizabeth Porter
Rosemary Robertson
Kim Shepardson-Watson
Rita Volkmann
Lee White


District 1
Lisa Luck
Roscoe Merritt
Sheila Perry
Ali Starkley

District 2
Syma Ebbin
Ian Thomas
Beverly Washington

District 3
Autumn Hanscom
Dane Stevenson
Jill Rusk

District 4
Sue Hainline
Kristen Powers
Shawn Powers
Michael Whitehouse

District 5
Melinda Cassiere
Gary Welles
Michael Whitney

District 6
Jeanne Baker
Cindy Fortner
Katrina Fitzgerald
Jim Gustavson
Kate Richards

District 7
Clarence Casper
Jen Desillier-Fleming
Bruce Jones
Nancy Mello Miller