About Us

We are Groton residents, Democrats, interested in being active in the local, state and federal government. We recruit residents to run for local office, including Town Council, Board of Education, and Representative Town Meeting, and to serve on local Boards and Commissions… like the Library Board, Recreation, Planning, Zoning, Board of Assessment Appeals, Historic District, Shellfish etc… We raise donations throughout the year to fund the election of Democrats, your donations are always welcome.

If you’re interested in serving on the GDTC, please contact Conrad F. Heede or Natalie Burfoot-Billing. Conrad can be reached at cfheede@aol.com or (860) 800-4784. Natalie can be reached at natalieburfoot@aol.com or (860) 536-2558.

Groton Democratic Town Committee

Term March 2020 to February 2022


Chairman – Conrad F. Heede
Vice Chair – Natalie Billing
Secretary – Dane Stevenson
Treasurer – John Wirzbicki
Deputy Treasurer – vacant


District 1 – Joe de la Cruz, Tammy Delacruz, Adam J. Puccino, Sr., Roscoe Merritt, Jeanne Rogers, Jake Troy, Lisa Luck, Aline Shulman, Matthew Shulman

District 2 – Syma Ebbin, Patrice Granatosky, Juliette Parker, Betsy Moukawsher, Keith Hedrick, Bev Washington, Doris Pulaski, Joe Zeppieri, Aundre Bumgardner, Jane Guiliani

District 3 – Conrad Heede, Liz Duarte, Paul Duarte, Jill Rusk, Dane Stevenson, Lee White, Autumn Hanscom,  Rashaad Carter, Reginald Stanford, Portia Bordelon, Ian Thomas

District 4 – Nancy Driscoll, Chris Conley, Rosemary Robertson, Lian Obrey, Judith Strode, Shawn Powers, Michael Whitehouse, Sue Hainline, Kristen Powers, Amy Whitehouse

District 5 – Kathy Neugent, Richard Dixon, Anne-Marie Foster, Gary Welles, Juan Melendez, Rita Volkmann, Melinda Cassiere

District 6 – Natalie Billing, Ellen Buckhorn, Carole McCarthy, Peter Roper, Rita Schmidt, Barbara Tarbox, Dana Semeraro, Kate Richards, Rachael Franco, Katrina Fitzgerald, Kathy Busse, Al Fritzsche, Cutter Oliver, Dan Gaiewski, Joanne Doyen, Cindy Fortner

District 7 – Liz Porter, Nancy Mello Miller, Mary von Dorster, John Wirzbicki, Bob Frink, Don Levenson, Clarence Casper, J. Bruce Jones, Jim Hutson, Nancy Codeanne

Non-voting Members

Emeriti Members
Ruby Silva, Elissa Wright, Jim Loughlin, Richard Semeraro, Dee Harrell, June Evered, Fred Allen


Download a copy of the new draft bylaws as of 4-18-20.