October News and Events

Oct 15th: Return to Sanity Meet and Greet. Read more info here.

Oct 17th: 7pm Statchen-Somers Debate at Fitch HS
We suggest people show up an hour or so early to rally outside and wave signs. Also note for the Statchen – Somers debate, you will need to remove political shirts or stickers before entering the auditorium.

Oct 18th: 7pm Lamont Debate. HQ Watch party kickoff at 6:30pm. WTNH will televise the debate. Come early to rally in front of HQ on Route 1.

Oct 22nd: 7-9pm Groton Public Library Hosted by the League of Women Voters. A Yes/No Debate on the Charter revision. You can find the information about the charter revision on the town’s website here.

Oct 24th: 6pm Groton Public Library. A conversation on the ‘No’ position of the charter revision

Nick Kepple
Please click here to donate to Nick Kepple, our excellent Democratic Probate Judge: https://politics.raisethemoney.com/committee-to-elect-nick-kepple-probate-judge

If you can donate any amount to the GDTC, it will help us keep HQ open and running. We need to pay for phones, stamps, internet connection, maybe more t-shirts and signs. Make checks out to ‘GDTC’ and mail to: John Wirzbicki, treasurer, GDTC, 355 Brook Street, Noank, CT 06340.

The ‘blue wave’ will only happen if we create it. If each of us does a small thing, it will add up to something important. Be a part of it!

For more updates, see us on Facebook (“Groton CT Democrats”), Twitter @GrotonDems, and Instagram @GrotonDems

We are gearing up for NOVEMBER 6, 2018

We will help turn Congress blue and begin to take back our country from the GOP of Donald Trump.
We will re-elect Joe Delacruz
We will re-elect Chris Conley
We will elect a Bob Statchen for CT Senate 18th District.
We will elect Ned Lamont for Governor of CT
We will re-elect Joe Courtney and Chris Murphy.

Join us! Meetings are the fourth Wednesday of every month.

For more information contact Conrad: cfheede@aol.com or Natalie: natalieburfoot@aol.com
Please ‘like’ our page on Facebook: ‘Groton CT Democrats